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It Started With A Blank Piece Of Paper!

LaunchPad Media Management is a web-based, fully-integrated software suite designed exclusively to meet the needs of publishers and media companies. Founded in 2004, the LaunchPad idea was created by George Sparkman after he became Chief Operating Officer of a nationwide media company. Recognizing the needs of his sales team, he originally developed LaunchPad as a CRM but soon began integrating other systems unique to the media industry, increasing efficiency and dramatically lowering expenses. George and his partner Kelley began selling LaunchPad Media Management as a full SaaS solution in 2005 and it now integrates with some of the top applications used by media companies today.


The LaunchPad team is made up of industry veterans.  Our customer success and support teams have all worked within a media company at some point in their career allowing them to better under the LaunchPad end user.  We pride ourselves on staying current with the industry best practices.  Our development team is 100% based within the United States and prides itself on using the latest technologies to build, test and deploy LaunchPad code.  The systems and policies in place are audited via a third party and available via a SOC1 Type 2 report upon request.  This attention to security and process are always front and center in everything we do.

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Partner - Kelley Sparkman

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