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The First to Say "Thank You"

After 10 Years of implementing the LaunchPad solution in hundreds of offices nationwide, hands down the first department to call and thank us for creating a tool like LaunchPad is the production department.


Production teams benefit from increased productivity and streamlined processes with using the LaunchPad tools and applications in their day-to-day processes.

Track Artwork

Every step in the production process is time-stamped and maintained in a unique production order. Correspondence between sales, ad trafficking and production is maintained within the production order and can track time spent with different ads.

Broadcast Email

Production can send broadcast emails to advertisers on a production run-sheet that have not turned in materials, approved artwork, etc.

Versioning, GEO and Demo

LaunchPad has the ability to track different versions of an ad and link an ad to multiple geographic and demographic tags. Digital ad targeting allows production teams to assign specific parameters to digital ad placement.

Manage Digital CPM Delivery

Update the delivery of digital CPM ads at the end of the month so that your accounting department can get correct invoices out in a timely manner.

LaunchPad Saves You Time


spreadsheets replaced
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