Do you know how to measure your email list's effectiveness?

For customers who do business with an organization, 86% would prefer email over other forms of communication. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. Think about the last time you picked up the phone and answered a call from an unknown number? Your clients want you to communicate with them through email. So let’s talk about how to do it right. Because after all when done right, email marketing can help:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce marketing costs

Using a CRM for email marketing allows publishers to gather statistics to measure the effectiveness of the emails and email campaigns. The data can be overwhelming if you're unsure which metrics are most important, so let’s dive in.
Metrics to consider for effective email marketing

Rate of delivery: Low delivery rates may signal an email list that includes bounced email addresses or those that are no longer legitimate. 

Open rates: This metric measures whether or not the intended recipient opened your email. If the subject line doesn't grab their attention, they may have deleted it without reading. 

Click through rates: If email recipients are opening the email, this is good news! The next important goal is to have the recipient actually click on the link included in the email. For instance, if you've included an invitation to attend an event, read a blog post or contact someone, the goal is for that to happen. The click through rates will let you know if you've worded the email in such a way that a conversion naturally happened.

If you’re not watching these metrics closely, you’re missing opportunities for follow-up and engagement! If your email bounced, go find a new contact for that organization. If they clicked, now might be the right time to follow-up or pick up the phone.

How to get more legitimate email subscribers

After deciphering the metrics of your email list, some improvements may be necessary to get a more legitimate email list. Consider the following suggestions:
If your delivery rate is low, promote your emails, newsletters or other subscriptions on your website. Give a good reason for site visitors to leave their email address and offer a double opt-in, where they have to confirm their email address, to reduce email bounces. What’s a good reason? The best way to entice someone to opt-in to receive emails from you is to show them that you have something to offer. Develop content or a white paper that you can use as your ‘carrot’ for sign ups. 
If open rates are low, improve your subject lines. Some tips for better email subject lines include:
  • A succinct sentence or phrase that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Create a sense of urgency (This is a limited time offer!)
  • Ask a question  (Is getting in the inbox of the decision maker your biggest challenge?)
  • Use humor (Everyone likes to be entertained)
Get better click through rates by segmenting your email lists. Email lists can be segmented by their place in the sales funnel, product interest or more.
Lastly, remember to measure the effectiveness of the landing page or any other place where you're directing the reader. If your email list is effective but where they're landing is not, there may need to be some tweaks to your website as well. 
Use a CRM for effective email marketing

A CRM is a powerful tool for creating email marketing campaigns. Most CRMs have built-in templates, lead scoring, segmented lists and metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of your email lists. 
LaunchPad Media Management’s CRM was developed specifically for publishers and media companies. LaunchPad SyncEmail works with top email software such as Gmail, Exchange and Office 365. The program allows your sales team to have a record of email communication with clients. The complete LaunchPad solution also offers:

  • Sales management and commission tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Web-based software-as-a-service solution available anytime and anywhere.
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