It is possible to implement technology that can help in all facets of your business. If you are using NetSuite, SalesForce, ACT or QuickBooks, you are not using a media management software platform and costing your business lost revenue while piling on work to your employees. A media management system is specifically made for magazine/digital publishers, is a game-changer to help your media company work more efficiently.

Media Management represents Collaboration, encompassing what you’d expect in a traditional CRM, DAM, Billing and Reporting Platforms. But media management goes beyond accounts, orders and materials but seamlessly integrates the business processes your employees are engaged in each day. Publishers need collaboration for their sales, production, accounting, digital, editorial and other areas to produce increased performance while lowering hard costs. 

Implemented correctly, media management is the perfect gift for your publishing business.

What Is Media Management?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important tool for measuring customer interaction and improving contact and lead management. Successful media and publishing companies understand that their subscribers and readers are vital to their future. A media management system, however, also incorporates other important functions to create a cohesive, efficient business. 

Media Management includes:

  • Opportunity pipeline for sales
  • Team integration and collaboration
  • Production orders and run-sheets
  • Ad scheduling and planning
  • Asset management
  • Editorial planning
  • Versioning
  • Media communications and assignments
  • Capture and storage of supporting media
  • Accounting, invoicing, and more.

Why Sales Loves Media Management

Sales management thrives when their reps are more productive. Media management means they can also access the necessary customer information quicker and from anywhere. Your sales staff will be able to track commission, respond to customer emails and build forecasts from their pipeline. They can run custom reports to predict customer engagement and collaborate with other necessary areas of your business.

Why Production Loves Media Management

An effective media management system creates a production order flow that is organized and notifies the correct staff when attention is needed. Assets and files necessary for production or ads can be stored within the system and accessed from any location with internet access, 24/7. Layouts can be planned with ease, eliminating manual spreadsheets. All pending jobs and open projects can be tracked and reported for production management.

Why Accounting Loves Media Management

Dealing with financials, the accounting department requires integration with the rest of your organization but also strict permissions so not everyone has access. Media management allows integration and collaboration as well as access control for better security. Accounting has access to customer information so that when an invoice is paid late, they will have better insights into the reasons why. Your accounting department may also be using a separate ERP for managing the profit & loss side of your business. Your media management system should work seamlessly with these systems through APIs or export features.

Why Editorial Staff Loves Media Management

Editors love organization and centralized media planning. Media management allows editorial staff to review stories and supporting assets, make changes, read notes and send instructions from a single location. Media management makes planning simpler, informing the editorial staff of the workflow of the stories or ads, who handled which part and where there are hold-ups. There’s no need to view an Excel spreadsheet for media planning when media management takes away the complexity and missed opportunities.

Your Business Thrives with Media Management

The creators of LaunchPad Media Management knew there was a need for media management beyond the traditional CRM. An effective media management system maximizes productivity and reduces redundancy. They recognized the need for more valuable insights and customized reporting for better business intelligence and executive decisions. With easy access to collaboration tools and increased efficiency, media management is a gift that keeps giving, helping your publishing business thrive.

Want to see Media Management in action? Reach out to our team at LaunchPad Media Management and ask for a conference call or online demonstration.