Top companies are masters in practicing “ODS”: Organize, Delegate and Supervise.  And sometimes we find symptoms of risks in exercising our roles.  Today’s software can be a risk avoidance toolset.
7 Questions that Reveal Risks!
1. How many performance questions can’t be answered in 15 minutes or less?
2. How many Excel spreadsheets are we using to “Track” facts?
3. How much information needed to run your business is in someone’s head vs a database?
4. If we lost one key person in each department, do we lose productivity?
5. If our office building was destroyed by a tornado or earthquake, are we out of business?
6. Can employees access data/information they need without sending someone an email?
7. Can Sales control how customers are billed in real time and not cause billing nightmares?

Employee empowerment will reduce risks.  Now, your employees can be empowered with software applications that give them access to data needed to fulfill their roles and responsibilities without creating workarounds.

Today is the perfect time to reflect on how well your software has served you.  Used correctly, your Publishing suite saves time, optimizes sales activities and fosters better customer relationships. If you’ve integrated a media software solution that was built specific to the publishing industry, like LaunchPad Media Management, you have a lot more to be thankful for.
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