It can be challenging to energize your team when they hear large publishing companies laying off workers. When we attended the CRMA Winter Publisher’s Retreat, there was a lot of talk around investing in your staff, including branding your journalists and editors. If you can inspire them to build their own brand and social following, it keeps them relevant and boosts your own brand as a publishing company. 

Here are other ways your editorial team helps build a strong brand for your publishing company.

Focus on Audience First, Brand Second

Because readers are much more discerning about the content they’ll consume, they naturally seek out thought leaders. When your editorial staff thinks and writes like journalists, content is written from the point of view of what readers want. Instead of selling, they’re doing research, telling a story, providing valuable insight and grabbing attention. Compelling content builds trust and people buy from brands they trust.

Boost Your Owned Media

Owned media includes all of the content your company controls. For instance, your website, company blog and social media channels are owned media. Editors and journalists within your organizations can create a name for themselves with the stories told and content created on behalf of your company. Their content gets shared, perhaps even going viral within your niche industry, increasing the visibility of your owned media and branding.

Create a Consistent Content Strategy

Content writers know all about creating a strategy about what they’re publishing. Some organizations publish off-the-cuff, writing about their latest product or service release, and telling the audience what they want them to know. A coherent content strategy weaves in what’s happening with your organization as part of the overall brand story. Companies like Disney and Netflix, even though they have something to sell, focus on an over-arching brand voice and content strategy to attract an audience that loves what they stand for.

Listen to Your Audience

The best way for your editorial staff to write for your audience is to know what your audience wants. Check in with your readers to find out their interests. Review analytics in your owned media to see if something strikes a chord. Brands that listen to their audience can better anticipate audience needs, build goodwill and empower brand ambassadors. 

Build a Connection

When your audience sees you as human, instead of a corporation, you’re more likely to build a connection with them. Marie Forleo, a self-made entrepreneur, author and business coach, offers free life and business advice every week on her MarieTV YouTube series. She also runs a marketing program for business owners called B-School. With her wit and sincerity, she’s built a business worth millions. Cynthia Johnson, author, speaker and CEO of the digital marketing agency Bell & Ivy, and author Tim Ferris, have newsletters offering helpful information on entrepreneurship and personal branding. Connecting with their audience, and being helpful, has increased brand visibility and revenue.

Maximize Your Editorial Team with LaunchPad 

LaunchPad’s Media Management software meets the needs of publishing companies because it was developed specifically for the industry. The LaunchPad Editorial module maximizes the productivity of your editorial staff by:
  • Eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets for Media Planning
  • Creating a searchable story and cover library
  • Allowing stories to be tracked from start to finish within a portal
  • Providing access to this information from anywhere there’s internet access

Find out more about LaunchPad Media Management by scheduling a demo or reaching out to us directly.