Your audience, the reader, has become more particular about what they’ll consume. The internet and social media are noisy and discerning readers are choosing print and select digital content to read niche topics of interest.

Niche publishers are offering subscription and membership models to gather data and learn more about what readers want. Delivering what they want reduces publisher dependence on digital social and search platforms and provides a robust reader-revenue stream.

To increase reader revenue, let’s learn how niche publishing attracts a more engaged audience.

Share their Passions

Readers are passionate fans seeking focused media that suits their personality, desires, hobbies, and interests. Niche publishers appeal to this highly targeted audience by producing on-going content that their audience is eager to consume. The reader is already interested; the publisher just needs to meet them where they are with the most current and readily available content. Pride Media, the publisher of Out Magazine,
recently acquired a market research firm to get to know even more about their audiences. Data analytics are also readily available to determine what your reader wants to know - sometimes before they do.
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Extending the Brand to Retail

With data analytics from membership and subscriptions, niche publishers are taking on e-commerce and retail opportunities. Targeted ads and merchandise branding are increasing revenue streams because publishers already have evidence of what appeals to their audience. Some publishers are going further, such as Berlin-based magazine 032c, who is launching its own fashion collection to build loyalty and increase revenue.

Strategic Acquisitions

In the business world, mergers and acquisitions are the natural results of two or more organizations that synergistically work together. 2018 saw more niche publishing companies acquiring like-minded brands to consolidate and expand their business. For instance, education publisher
Kaplan Test Prep acquired the test prep, study aids, and foreign language assets of Barron’s Educational Series, as well as the use of the Barron’s name. These strategic moves naturally increase readership and engagement for the publishing brand.

Meeting Readers Where They Are

Niche publishers must recognize their readers as “clients” and prepare to engage them, wherever they are. These relationships go beyond digital, print and social media. Readers now want podcasts or video blogs that relate to their favorite topic of interest. Niche publishers, such as Bird Watcher’s Digest, have created events, travel opportunities or conferences that engage their following in person. Publishers are expected to know what their readers want and how to reach them.

Nurturing the Reader Relationship

Even if your company isn’t a niche publisher, you can take these best practices to learn more about your audience. The main goal is to nurture the reader relationship by building trust and loyalty with your already engaged audience. You already have the opportunity to cultivate your audience’s engagement with newsletters, social media, event emails and more. Analytics will provide access to buyer preferences and create an even more targeted audience.

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