Conferences always inspire new thinking and technology to boost sales. Our recent trip to the AABP Winter Conference prompted some new questions for LaunchPad and our clients. Are we investing enough, not only in technology but in the human cost of integrating those tools to better serve our sales team? As an example, if you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing a new CRM platform to help boost sales performance, does your sales team know how to use it effectively?

Are your sales reps aware of how a new CRM benefits them?
What does CRM or Contact Management software do?
CRM or Customer Relationship Management software helps businesses to manage their sales relationships. Within the system is a way to store customer data, communicate with prospects, track customer information and get a clear picture of past, future or ongoing sales transactions. Contact management, in particular, includes information such as contact names, addresses, sales history, quotes and other notes about the account. A CRM offers more advanced capabilities such as sending emails, scheduling appointments, setting reminders and creating a dashboard for follow-up activities.

How is a CRM helpful to sales reps?
Imagine increasing the capabilities of your sales team and maximizing their efforts! Contact management stores previous conversations, buying history and any follow-up activities for any clients or prospects. A CRM can also reveal where the sales rep should be spending their time. Instead of showing up to work and randomly reaching out to a prospect, a CRM can segment customers based on interest and send automated messages. A single sales rep can manage multiple campaigns and spend quality time with prospects who are ready to buy. Plus, if your rep is out in the field, access to this information is available anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection.

How do Publishers keep Consistency During Turnover?
Another question posed during the AABP conference was whether publishers have a plan for backfilling an aging sales force. Is there a plan to take over their accounts? When sales reps communicate through a CRM or marketing automation platform, their conversations and notes can be stored easily. With a platform like LaunchPad Media Management, sales, accounting, production, editorial and other media intelligence analytics are integrated into a single system. If your sales team experiences turnover, for any reason, you will have access to their pipeline and any ongoing activities.

Is your Sales Team trained on Contact Management or your CRM?
LaunchPad’s Media Management software is a best practices CRM tool, developed specifically for the publishing industry. We don’t just sell you the technology, we also train your sales team reps individually or in a group.

At LaunchPad, we aim to help you maximize your investment in software and your sales team so they can:
  • Be more productive and mobile
  • Anticipate the needs of prospects and clients
  • Communicate across the organization
  • Boost sales performance
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