February is the perfect time to give gratitude for what’s working in your business. Used correctly, your CRM has helped save time, optimized sales activities and fostered better customer relationships. If you’ve integrated a CRM that was built specific to the publishing industry, like LaunchPad’s web-based SAAS solution, you have a lot more to be thankful for.

Beyond just any old CRM, here are 7 reasons to love your publishing CRM.
Specifically Designed for Publishing and Media

The typical CRM offers features such as contact and lead management, reporting and analytics, and may be available on the go. Media companies can also pay for customization and assistance to support the complexity of customization. If your CRM is specifically designed for publishing and media, however, you’ll have those features plus:
  • Editorial planning
  • Media communications and assignments
  • Capture and storage of supporting media
  • Accounting, invoicing and more

Production Has Access From Everywhere, 24/7

Your production staff can access the information they need from any location with internet access, 24/7, eliminating manual spreadsheets. Ads can be picked up and layouts can be planned with ease and efficiency. With access to reporting, production staff will have everything they need, from contact information to ad production instructions, to better serve clients. Production managers can keep track of all pending jobs and open projects and reduce duplicated efforts.

Accounting Uses One System

Using only one system instead of multiple disparate databases, accounting has access to every part of the organization. Sales, billing, production, receivables and commissions are all available through one portal so that accounting staff has a well-rounded view of each client. Credit information, as well as notes on the account, allows collections to have a clearer picture of past, present and future activities.

Easy Integration + Best Practices

How nice is it when your publishing CRM works directly with tools you already use like Dropbox, Intacct, Office 365, G Suite and more? Instead of forcing staff to change everything they do, your CRM should quickly integrate into your corporate systems and simplify routine business processes. LaunchPad staff also becomes an extension of your IT staff, training on media industry best practices from decades of experience.

Editorial Staff Efficiency

What do editors love? Efficiency! When do they want it? Now! Editors handle everything through emails and Excel spreadsheets causing media planning to be very disorganized because of too many things happening in too many places. With a publishing CRM, media planning can be centralized, allowing editors the ability to review stories, upload supporting documentation, make changes, read notes and add instructions. They can see who touched each part of editorial development and get a good overall view of what’s happening so they don’t have to micromanage anyone.

Maximize Sales Staff Productivity

Sales staff not only have access to customer notes, emails, and sales information, they can also check how their commission is tracking. What better way to motivate sales than to reward their performance? Your publishing CRM also provides sales forecasting and any activities on clients in the pipeline. Customized reporting is available to allow sales managers to accurately predict patterns and what is needed to move clients to the next sales stage. Productivity can be maximized because it can be measured.

Business Intelligence

With all of this information built into the publishing CRM, decision-makers can spend less time gathering analytics and more time analyzing them. Reports can be customized and saved so that management or others can review valuable insights. Users with access can drill down on data to get more granular and powerful information. Dashboards can also be customized to provide instant access to select analytics required for important business decisions.

End-to-End Publishing Management

After years in the publishing industry, the creators of LaunchPad Media Management recognized the need for a CRM that was built specifically for end-to-end publishing management. By maximizing productivity and reducing redundancy, publishing and media companies saved more money and boosted their revenue. What’s not to love?

If you’re not currently in love with your CRM, reach out to our team at LaunchPad Media Management and ask for a conference call or online demonstration.