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LaunchPad Media Management

Magazine CRM software designed to meet the needs in regional, niche and speciality publishing.

Team Integration

Publishing sales executives use LaunchPad to track prospects, manage advertisers, create insertion orders, traffic ad materials, proofing and pull real time reports.


Accounting and sales teams set up budgets and measure the success with customizable reports. Sales managers drill down to budgets by sales rep to maintain accountability and trust.

Web-Based & Easy Mobile Access

Sales teams can quickly access the LaunchPad publishing CRM software from a smartphone, tablet or any computer. They have instant access to customer records, invoices, sales history, and analytics reporting.

Opportunity Pipeline

Each company has the ability to set the criteria for opportunity stages and manage sales through the opportunity pipeline, including the ability to see weighted forecasting and build analytics reporting surrounding the pipeline data.

Real Time Production Run-Sheet

As soon an insertion order is accepted by the customer, the order information flows automatically to the run-sheet/s for all items, including print ads, digital ads, booth space or sponsorships.

Production Orders

POs flow to a working inbox within the LaunchPad publishing CRM that organizes the jobs needing attention. By simply completing the PO, it drops off the list and sends an email notification back to the creator of its completion.

Asset/File Management

Automate file management with LaunchPad’s integration with Dropbox. Quick access to approved creative for production department, sales and ad trafficking.

Flat Plan

Quickly move your ads onto the LaunchPad Flatplan tool to get a clear visual in relation to other ads and stories. This tool allows other areas of the business to gain access to upcoming issues and give feedback prior to stressful print deadlines.

Strict Permission Management

Permissions of functions and views can be managed on an employee-by-employee basis. This allows an administrator to control and lock down the system to provide proper access and security.

Real-Time Invoicing

LaunchPad publishing CRM is a fully integrated system, allowing users to have access to real-time invoices. Accounting teams can give access to invoices, preventing workflow disruption.

GL Integration

Many publishers use a wide variety of ERP systems to manage the P&L side of their business. LaunchPad integrates seamlessly with several of these systems through API connections or simple export features, including Great Plains, Intacct, MAS, NAV and others.

Monthly GL Summary & Tie Out

Pull monthly GL Summary to balance with the general ledger in any ERP. LaunchPad also offers reporting by customer, for more granular data needs.

Manage Complete Digital Inventory

View any available digital inventory, in real-time, with quick access for sales and digital operations. LaunchPad handles everything from CPM Web Ads to daily eNewsletter inventory and placement.

Google Ad Manager Integration

Save hours of dual entry with integration with Google Ad Manager. LaunchPad will create and update customer, orders, line items and targeting directly in Google Ad Manager without the need for human interaction.


Link multiple creatives to the same ad buy. Need to distinguish between mobile, tablet and desktop for a digital ad? LaunchPad publishing CRM can handle that.

Media Planner

Replace an old Excel spreadsheet on a shared folder and plan issues and content directly in LaunchPad publishing CRM. Create assignments and share to internal employees as well as independent contractors and freelancers. View ad and edit ratios in real time.

Flat Plan

Quickly move your stories onto the LaunchPad Flatplan tool to get a clear visual in relation to other stories and ads. This tool allows other areas of the business to gain access to upcoming issues and give feedback prior to stressful print deadlines.

Contact Management

Keep your own index of story contacts and sources directly in LaunchPad. Track all of your email correspondence, conversations and shared materials in one place.

Sponsorship and Exhibit Management

Easily build out an event or exhibit sponsorship package including all of the deliverables and corresponding tasks. Customize revenue reporting and sponsorship invoices for customers.

Import Booth Information

Manage booth exhibits in a third party software? Not a problem! Import post-show exhibitor information and report on all revenue streams within LaunchPad publishing CRM.

Show Guides

Sell ads and listings into show guides. LaunchPad handles the trafficking of the show artwork and can flow business listings directly into InDesign for a quick layout of the Show Guide or Buyers Guide.

Forecasting Sales Proposals

Simply drag and drop your proposals through the sales cycle in Launchpad. This simple to use pipeline management will feed the detailed reports your management team needs for more predictable revenue.

Customizable Dashboards

Customize and build a dashboard for specific reporting needs. All Launchpad users have the ability to select how and what data is available.

Turn Reports into Action

Many reports in LaunchPad allow you to turn the data into an actionable process. Whether it is turning lost advertisers into a call list or taking your prospects for a certain category into an eblast.

Greater Visibility

LaunchPad will give you visibility into your business that you have never had. Now, with LaunchPad you can begin to make real-time business decisions that you can track and pace. Reporting on 45-60 day old financial data is not productive in today's fluid media industry. Only give access to reports and data based on a users role.

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